Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Did I just get married?

So, TWO days after our honeymoon I see this fire up in the hills through the window of my bosses office.  First thought, "I bet Johnny is going to be called out on this one, it is so close."  The flames were actually quite big but it turned out to be not too big in acres.  My first thought was right, he was called out and got home around 9 I think?  
THREE days after our honeymoon (which was at Sun Valley and we had a blast btw)  on a Saturday, there is another fire somewhere over by Rockland, ID for those of you who may know the area (probably none but I told you anyway!).  This one actually was pretty big, if I remember right, but he was able to make it home that night which was nice because we were expecting at least a day or two.  We were actually able to make it to our good friends reception out near Preston, ID and we were able to make something of the night by grabbing a quick bite at the Olive Garden in Logan at about 9:30 (thanks to a wedding gift certificate!).  Boy were we tired when we got home!  
FIVE days after our honeymoon Johnny was called out on a fire out by Swan Lake near the Idaho\Wyoming is now SEVEN days since our honeymoon and since the fifth day I have talked to him for maybe a total 20 minutes because his phone has no connection where he is at.  He has resorted to borrowing other crew members phones and calling me from there but most of the time we say 'hi' and then I can't hear him anymore, but he can still hear me! haha what a joke!  He should be gone for at least 2 more days, and my guess is he will be rolling into town in about a week.  
This has been quite the interesting experience, I am married for about a week then I am back to kickin' it by myself!  People ask "How is married life?" and I say "It was good!"  Look at the bright side, I get this new big bed and apartment all to myself!  
No, but really I am grateful for the good pay he gets while out on fires and I am happy I have a man that is willing to do what it takes to make sure we are happy in the long run.  Johnny is such a hard worker and I...I can kick a ball really far (haha I think my mom said that once) :)... I mean, really between his hours on fires and my job at the glamorous Graduate School, I think by next month we will be moving into a new house and I am already car shopping.  
Wow this blog is really long but I do want to try to post some pics...we will see what happens!
Oh and married life IS actually really fun!  Even if I don't get to see him or talk to him as much as I want.  That is my sob story....what a whiner.  My next post will be very happy, I promise!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The beginning

On thursday, July 17, we got married at the Mount Timpanogos Temple, surrounded by friends and family.  Later that night we had a reception in the backyard of Maren's parents in Sandy and on Friday we had a reception in Pocatello.  The reception was awesome; if we do say so ourselves.  Maren's mom catered all the food.  Liz, Maren's sister in law, did the flowers and decorating, and our good friend Austin came down from Washington to play guitar and sing.  It was so nice seeing friends and family that we have not seen in quite some time.  All and all we couldn't ask for anything more to start our lives together.  

Baby Boy

Baby Boy