Friday, June 26, 2009

The Move

I would just like everyone to know that pools are useless. Today is about the fifth day since we have moved to the blessed town of Citrus Heights that I have put on my bathing suit with the idea I was going to work on my new, but practically still non-existent tan. I need to look like a local right? Well, I get distracted and don't actually get to make the walk to the pool too often. Someday I will not be stark white. I guess I should just think of it this way- I am avoiding skin cancer! There, that makes me feel much better. Here are a few pictures from our move. We stopped by the Salt Flats to let Tito out for a bit. Our car was full to the max, with stuff strapped on top and covered with a tarp. We also watched our friend's dog, Pipper, the first week we got here and they have an Italian Greyhound too! It was fun to see Tito with a dog just like him. I think Italian Greyhounds are becoming my new favorite dog... they are hilarious!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

This May Not Make Much Sense, I was in a hurry

Hello from the great state that everyone is running to get out of! We have moved in and are starting to get comfortable... well, the heat will soon take care of that. As I job search online I do get side tracked and end up on sites that definitely don't have job opportunities on them.

I came across a blog that was swearing off carbs and milk. (yes sorry this may be a vent for me) For some reason one thing that bothers more than anything else nutritionally is when people get so angry at carbs for putting pounds on their hips, thighs and buttocks. I can't stand it but have to hold it in when I hear someone went on the Atkin's Diet or use this equation : carbs = bad. People, people, people! There is such a thing as the glycemic index and there are good carbs and bad carbs! Just because you aren't sure which is the correct form to eat does not mean to leave them all behind! Honestly, do you think eating an entire diet of meat, meat and more meat, with a little veggies on the side is going to do you good in the long run?!

Ok, everyone think long term here. To avoid foods that spike your blood sugar make sure you chose good carbs! 100% whole grain, and try to avoid foods with any sort of sugar in the top 4 or 5 ingredients ( these usually end with 'tol' like 'sorbitol' or watch out for syrup) Yes, fruit may spike your blood sugar but it has so many other nutrients (esp. fiber) that you need-- long term right? It is a quick way to get a pick-me-up between meals and you can add some almonds or other nuts to add protien for satiety until your next meal.

Ok, milk. Milk is so gosh darn good for you! Vit D (you do get vit D from the sun but it is not the recommended way), Calcium, Phosphorous... Milk is fortified with goodness and the honest truth about the fat percentages is that you get the same amount of nutrients with 1% or skim milk with less the fat! OH and DON'T worry about buying milk that is not from cows that are treated with hormones... FOR REAL, rBst (the hormone they use) has been proven to poduce the exact same milk as those cows who are not treated. Some people may have a hard time digesting it but if you start with a small amount and work your way up to it, it can be possible to drink at least a glass a day. The same idea is with beans... if I ate 4 cups of beans in one day I would undoubtedtly get some gas b/c my body is not used to eating so many beans in one day. If I ate 1/4 c beans one day and gradually built up to 4 cups in one day, most likely my body would be used to it by then and the bacteria that creates that gas would not produce as much....same thing with milk. Start with some yogurt and once you are used to the yogurt, drink a small amount of milk after your serving of yogurt. You then can gradually increase the amount your body can tolerate.

One more thing while I am on my soap box... please please please do not skip meals or think that the less you eat the better. You will slow your metabolism and therefore have less energy, you will burn fat slower (b/c your body is in starvation mode)--- it is natural to feel hungry, if you never feel hungry you may not be burning anything!

Last but not least--- EXERCISE --- a healthy lifestyle includes variety of foods and moderate activity, simple as that.

I could go on forever.... but those are just some thoughts. I don't think diets are bad, they can be VERY helpful to jump-start a healthier lifestyle, but they do not work LONG TERM.

Baby Boy

Baby Boy