Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dirt and Love

Here are some pictures from recent happenings...

Johnny did a little something called Hurt in the Dirt this last weekend. It was up in Ogden and he did it with one of his mission friends. It's a 4 mile run, ?? mountain bike ride, then another 4 mile run, then another ?? mountain bike ride. You can either do it all yourself, or get a team together. Seeing that Johnny sold his bike a little while back, he did the running and his friend did the biking. You have to run through ditches and over tree stumps and fences... he got pretty dirty. At one point he ran through a muddy/watery ditch and the guy ahead of him lost his shoe in the mud and it took him a while to pull it out. I also heard the winner of the race lost a shoe so he just took his other one off. Yuck! Anyway, they did pretty well finishing 9th in the men's pairs division.

Our 2nd anniversary was great. We spent it up in the mountain air at Deer Valley with Ben Folds and the Utah Symphony. I am so happy to have married someone that I have so much in common with.

Baby Boy

Baby Boy