Thursday, July 15, 2010

Trial Lake

We had some fun up in the Unitas last weekend for a short camping trip. We drove to Evanston to get a part (that we didn't realize we were missing until we were up there) for our little blow-up boat. On our way there we drove right through (very slowly) a sheep herd, twice. Tito loved it, I don't think he's ever encountered sheep before. Baaa! I wish I had my camera but I left it back in the tent. Johnny did pretty well with a wife that doesn't sleep as well as she used to-- b/c of the thing growing inside of her. Even when she got a little spooked in the middle of the night (The rain cover was flapping on the tent, it sounded like an animal going after Tito's food people!).

We had to spend some time in the tent because of the rain. Tito's eyes are all googly for the cheese and crackers.

There's my man, getting the fire going... I wasn't quite ready to come out yet.

We spent a short while on the lake while the skies were clear. Tito took it pretty well, seeing that water is his nemesis. He was pretty excited whenever we got close to any shore line.

Baby Boy

Baby Boy