Wednesday, June 30, 2010

April Fools... A Bit Late

So, I hate to make another baby related post... so this will be short and sweet. I already posted this on facebook (gotta keep the universe updated). We seriously consider deleting our accounts every week! But, we have for years so it most likely will never happen.

Our, thought to be, baby girl is actually a baby boy!! What a little stinker for playing a trick on us! My mom already bought 4 little girl onesies (but she is always buying baby clothes, even if there isn't a baby due). I'm sure another girl will come along on the Eves side sometime soon.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What Coconut?

I recently have discovered my taste buds have gone awry. There is a new coconut flavor of M&M's and they seriously taste like plain old chocolate to me. I, without a doubt, thought they made a packaging mistake. Until Johnny ate some. He insists they taste like coconut. Hmmm

Last night I made a salad that I love. It has cottage cheese and a little balsamic dressing... yum. BUT did I like it last night? Not so much. I could hardly taste it. I wonder what else I have been missing (but just haven't noticed). What a strange and annoying thing. Anyone else out there have taste bud issues when they were prego? Apparently I don't get sick when I am with child. I just can't taste things.

I think I am going to buy another package of those coconut M&M's and keep eating them until I can taste the darn coconut. Maybe eat them with real coconut to help me remember what it's supposed to taste like.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dog Prep

We have a new do here... my blog page that is. I normally only like simple, clean blog templates... we will see how long this new one lasts.

I can not wait to get past this awkward phase of pregnancy. It's like I am going through middle school again. I can't decide whether to push my stomach out to look more prego, or to suck it in. My friend Chelsey has similar woes. Our due dates are a week apart.

I was reading the other day on how to prepare your pet for the baby. It pretty much just said poke the animal in odd places every 5 or so minutes. (haha) Tito should be able to adjust well. He has been around all of our nieces and nephews quite a bit without any incidents. Other than wanting to run off with my poor nephews comfort item (a dog stuffed animal named Dog), stealing food from hands at the height of his mouth, and licking ears, we should do okay. He will, however, miss all the attention he is currently getting. He runs our house.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's a .....

Just FYI the milk tactic before bed works. I can't decide if my midnight hunger pains are a thing of the past or if the milk prevents it. I'm probably going to keep doing it until the baby is here. I think it's funny, bedtime milk... ha. Does any one else think it's funny a grown woman drinks it before bed? And, no I don't warm it up.

Speaking of the baby, we just went to the Dr. today and got another ultrasound (this place is great, we get an ultrasound every time we go). The doctor is pretty positive it's a girl :)

I am only 14 weeks tomorrow but I thought it was a girl from the get go. And since the Dr. said he was pretty positive, I'm gonna just plan on it ... let's hope we are right! If we buy anything we are for sure going to save the receipt though! When we go back 4 weeks from now, it will only be reassurance. It is pretty neat to see the baby has arms and legs that are kicking; you could even count the fingers on the ultrasound! I can't feel it yet, but she looks pretty active. Hopefully I will find more to talk about than this, but it is just too exciting.

Oh, and one more thing - I also found out today that June is National Candy Month :) lets all celebrate! Candy/chocolate party anyone? We could watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Chocolate, and eat lots of goodies.

Baby Boy

Baby Boy