Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good Job Jaime Oliver, but...

My friends I graduated with have gone on to pursue their dreams of becoming Registered Dietitians through extensive hours of internship. Jill found an article that hit the spot on how I was feeling about this "Revolution" Jaime Oliver has started. It is great what he is doing but there are many aspects I think he doesn't take into consideration. Not all schools have crappy lunches, and they are regulated. Changes have started a long time ago, but, change takes time.

We have talked about school lunches many times in class and it is such a touchy subject. Here is a big issue (among many others):
Parents come in and complain that the kids don't have any nutritious foods to choose from. But, if you follow the kids home, they are served the same if not worse than what the school is serving. The change needs to start at home, first. Otherwise, kids end up not eating and throwing the healthy foods that they get from school out. Wow, did that make sense? I'm not saying schools can't change first, just don't complain that your kid isn't getting proper nutrition because of the school lunch program-- look at what you give them at home, then you can raise your standards for school lunch. Hopefully school lunches have improved by the time you fix your own problems.
Sorry, long rant. Feel free to read this article.

IFIC Nutrition Blog | Food Blog, Nutrition Advice, Food Facts - PSST ... Mr. Oliver ... We Started the School Nutrition Revolution Before You Got Here

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Voting in April

We are having a hard time deciding what to do in our future. Our lease is up in September, and time is a ticking. The polls are now open.

1. Find a job, move to Tucson, AZ and get a great deal on a large house with no grass.
2. Find a job, move to Boise, ID and get an amazing deal on a new house with grass.
3. Try out travel nursing for a while and see where it takes us.
4. Start a business and be my own boss.
5. Freaking find a job already and just accept you aren't going to find your dream job just yet.
6. Hopefully hear back from the Ultrasonography program soon ... get in ... and do it.
7. Just give in already, stay in Clearfield, UT where Johnny has a job, and have 15 babies.

Please circle the best answer(s).

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4, 7
E. 5, 7
F. 6, 7

Believe it or not, there are more choices than this.

Baby Boy

Baby Boy