Friday, February 27, 2009

Pot-Belly Puppy

Johnny and I just got a new puppy.  We decided on an Italian Greyhound because of the many features they posses and because Johnny saw this kind of dog on the beach and thought it was the coolest thing... they are FAST!  They are actually greyhounds just bred selectively to get a smaller dog, they are in the toy category because they are so skinny but a little taller than what you would associate with the title toy.  Supposedly, IG's are the best apartment dogs and since we are going to be moving quite a bit the first few years we are going to have to wait for our Weimaraner. He is the cutest little thing.  We thought he needed an Italian name b/c of his breed so we named him Tito.  Tito also means 'giant'  so we found this very appropriate because he will grow to be less than 10 lbs and smaller than 16 in.  He has so much energy right now as a puppy and is extremely quirky. He is such a little cuddler, he loves to be up by your neck or sometimes, even on your shoulder.  I found that he is so skinny that when he eats, his stomach pooches out like a pot belly- haha! He is really like a little kid because we have to ask him like every 30 min if he needs to go pee.  If you forget to ask you will suddenly see his facial expression and activity freeze as if he is thinking "what is that feeling?" or "I wonder if I can get away with peeing right here instead of on the paper." He kind of does a dance if he needs to relieve himself but doesn't know where to go, then you have to hurry and point to the paper or he will just go right there. We already had some friends make fun of us for not going to a movie b/c we didn't have him kennel trained yet... we are losers.  We do have friends who are fellow dog owners who completely understand why we are so weird.  I feel that if Tito had a friend he would be better behaved while we were gone! haha like that is going to happen.  We can't wait for it to warm up and for Tito to get bigger so we can see how fast he is!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


My mom recently called me.  "Is there something you're not telling me?"  she asked.  
Apparently she just received a magazine in my name about parenting, prenatals, and nutrition.  I can hear Clayton, my brother, in the background saying "Out with it Maren! Everyone is going to find out eventually!"
Oh dear.  Well, let me let everyone know I am not prego in the eggo, just in case you see my mom you can re-assure her.  This is definitely not the first time this has happened.  
A few months back, before Johnny and I were married my mother called me and said the exact same thing.  In the mail that day she got a sonogram that was post marked from Vegas with only a smiley face on it.  She claimed to have asked everyone else in the family if it was theirs but everyone denied it.  I knew right away it was my brother Mason and his wife Kim announcing another child on the way, but my mom could not believe it- just because they said no.  They do have a history of announcing in elaborate ways that they are with child.  
Apparently my mom really wants her only daughter to have a baby... she may die from anxiety from the wait if Johnny and I don't act soon! ;)  I can see her in my mind asking "Now?  Oh, ok.  Now?  No, now?...NOW?!"

Baby Boy

Baby Boy