Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pocket Pall

Learning new things about your husband is fun... especially when its a sort of habit that he has yet to realize he does.  This particular 'habit' that your husband does is something that no one would notice unless they lived with him.  I'm not sure if it really is a habit.  It could be some kind of comfort item that he decided he needs.  Most people have blankets or stuffed animals that they can not seem to part from but for my husband, he has a hard time parting with napkins and paper towels.  He will hold onto them and wad them up while he eats and eventually he secretly, somehow, very discretely, will tuck them into his pockets.  A few times I have gone to reach for my napkin and found I have misplaced it somewhere but can't find it.  I then remember that these small paper items are very dear the man sitting next to me and I have to ask, "umm, did you use my napkin?" (of course I have now learned that it really is in his pocket, but enjoy asking anyway).  He will look at me confused but soon will reach down to his pocket where he now feels something that wasn't there when we started eating.  How cute this is when I go to put a sweatshirt of his in the wash, and I check the pockets and find a wadded up napkin.  He is funny, and I love him.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Christmas Break!

Hi everyone, time has really gone bye these past few months so I'll try to just update everyone through pictures.  We are both in the last few months of our undergrad degrees and can't wait to get out in the 'real world'.   As for now, here are some things we did over Christmas break to entertain us so we don't go too insane from just straight school work!  

We had a great time at Johnny and friends' Annual Kenny G. Ugly Sweater Party... Sexy sounds, sexy times!

We visited the Intel Museum in Santa Clara, California.  As you can see, Johnny spelled my name in binary code.

We went and walked around Stanford because we heard their campus is sweet and we were not disappointed.  

We took a drive down the PCH and stopped in Monterey because we had to check out the sand dunes.  We had fun getting some sand in our pants!  I miss the warm weather.  This morning here in Idaho it was -6 degrees! brrrr

Mason and Kim were nice enough to let us stay with them while we were in California.  We got to hang out and have fun with Addison, Connor and little Aubrey.  Connor would surprise us every other morning and jump into bed with us! Haha, he is such a funny kid!  He loved to wrestle and give Johnny a whoopin'.  As you can see from the picture he was showing us how to use the stethoscope. 

Johnny loves long boarding, so we tried to get some of it in while we were somewhere without snow on the ground.

We went up to Mason and Kim's stake property and went camping and we were the only ones there!  We got a camp site with an ocean view!  This was such a great spot!  One of Johnny's high school friends met us up there (he now lives in Sacramento).  It was nice to spend some time with him and his wife.  

We got back to our camp site after a hike the next day and down the trail comes... a mini horse and a goat. ??? So weird, but a missionary couple watches over the campground and they came down to say hello with their two pets.  Haha! When I get old, I want a really weird pet... 

There you go, that is our update... now I need to get back to my research paper!  Until next time! (who knows when that will be)

Baby Boy

Baby Boy