Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Be-lated Thankful Post

So, as of 4:38 this morning, I have been a part of the mom club for exactly 3 weeks. I feel so old. I also feel like there is no such thing as a mid life crisis. Well, there is one but I think there's actually a few that you go through before you hit the real deal. Maybe the one you hit midway through your life is just the most severe. I think a few little ones all lead up to the big one where you finally settle with where you are in life (after the denial stage of course). I think the sleep deprivation is my first crisis; realizing my life is shifting into a different gear. Mixed emotions, but most of all thankful... for SO many things.

I'm gaining much more respect for all the parents out there. What I love so far about being a parent is seeing how much Johnny loves it. And, the actual birth was pretty neat, not the labor but the birth. ;) Oh, and his smiles (I know, they're just reflexes right now but I still like to think it means he's happy) I am so excited to get to know him as he grows, crazy how he looks different everyday. World, meet Harper.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


No, not eggs. Me, I scrambled the past few days to get everything ready for our baby boy when the Dr. told me I was 3 cm dilated and 90% effaced. Ahhhh! I came home and immediately ordered a Pack n Play (which arrived the next day) so he had somewhere to sleep if he did, in fact, come 4 weeks early (crib will be here around xmas). The next few days we bought him a dresser, assembled it, gave the baby room better order, washed the baby clothes and blankets, finally got some nursing bras and such, put together some other things so the room wasn't so bare, oh and last but not least put together the hospital bag. Whew! I think we needed this little 'running start', as my Dr. put it, to help us (mostly me) realize time is running out!

I think after all we have done to prepare, I still cannot say I am ready for him to come. But, I am excited beyond words to have the little guy here.... and to have my body back. My life won't be completely mine anymore, but my body will. Errr, minus the feedings every 2 hours. Still, there are more things to do to put all my ducks in a row and thank goodness for the shower I have tomorrow. We are grateful for all the friends and family that have been helping us out. I think it's safe to say I have the first time mom jitters, if that is even such a thing. I think there should be some sort of word for it.

We sure are learning an important lesson through all of this. Our boy is a little trickster and April fools may be his favorite holiday. First, by posing as a girl for one of his first pictures and second, making us think he is coming much sooner than he actually is! :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Running Around

So, while running some errands today I got kinda tired. While filling up Johnny's car I actually put my debit card in where the receipt comes out. Twice. I wondered if the lady sitting in the car at the pump behind me noticed.

Johnny's been running around a lot lately too- literally. He ran the Top of Utah half marathon up in Logan. And if that wasn't enough he decided to run the Pocatello Marathon (Running the Gap) the next weekend - I think it was the next weekend. I forget. He is crazy, along with his friend Shantai, who ran the half up in Logan, and then did the half in Pocatello the next weekend too! Anyway, he had a lot of fun and I couldn't be more happy for him. He was pretty nervous and couldn't sleep at all the night before. I'm sure there are many more marathons in his future. I just hope I can get that fit to do it with him a year from now.

This is all I got of him running the half, some people were practically on the course so I barely saw him go by!

The road goes between those two hills back there
(aka the Portneuf Gap). Hence the name Running the Gap.

This is about mile 22 and he's smiling, guess he was feeling good.

His friend Trent ran the full also, he's the one that talked Johnny into doing it!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dirt and Love

Here are some pictures from recent happenings...

Johnny did a little something called Hurt in the Dirt this last weekend. It was up in Ogden and he did it with one of his mission friends. It's a 4 mile run, ?? mountain bike ride, then another 4 mile run, then another ?? mountain bike ride. You can either do it all yourself, or get a team together. Seeing that Johnny sold his bike a little while back, he did the running and his friend did the biking. You have to run through ditches and over tree stumps and fences... he got pretty dirty. At one point he ran through a muddy/watery ditch and the guy ahead of him lost his shoe in the mud and it took him a while to pull it out. I also heard the winner of the race lost a shoe so he just took his other one off. Yuck! Anyway, they did pretty well finishing 9th in the men's pairs division.

Our 2nd anniversary was great. We spent it up in the mountain air at Deer Valley with Ben Folds and the Utah Symphony. I am so happy to have married someone that I have so much in common with.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Trial Lake

We had some fun up in the Unitas last weekend for a short camping trip. We drove to Evanston to get a part (that we didn't realize we were missing until we were up there) for our little blow-up boat. On our way there we drove right through (very slowly) a sheep herd, twice. Tito loved it, I don't think he's ever encountered sheep before. Baaa! I wish I had my camera but I left it back in the tent. Johnny did pretty well with a wife that doesn't sleep as well as she used to-- b/c of the thing growing inside of her. Even when she got a little spooked in the middle of the night (The rain cover was flapping on the tent, it sounded like an animal going after Tito's food people!).

We had to spend some time in the tent because of the rain. Tito's eyes are all googly for the cheese and crackers.

There's my man, getting the fire going... I wasn't quite ready to come out yet.

We spent a short while on the lake while the skies were clear. Tito took it pretty well, seeing that water is his nemesis. He was pretty excited whenever we got close to any shore line.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

April Fools... A Bit Late

So, I hate to make another baby related post... so this will be short and sweet. I already posted this on facebook (gotta keep the universe updated). We seriously consider deleting our accounts every week! But, we have for years so it most likely will never happen.

Our, thought to be, baby girl is actually a baby boy!! What a little stinker for playing a trick on us! My mom already bought 4 little girl onesies (but she is always buying baby clothes, even if there isn't a baby due). I'm sure another girl will come along on the Eves side sometime soon.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What Coconut?

I recently have discovered my taste buds have gone awry. There is a new coconut flavor of M&M's and they seriously taste like plain old chocolate to me. I, without a doubt, thought they made a packaging mistake. Until Johnny ate some. He insists they taste like coconut. Hmmm

Last night I made a salad that I love. It has cottage cheese and a little balsamic dressing... yum. BUT did I like it last night? Not so much. I could hardly taste it. I wonder what else I have been missing (but just haven't noticed). What a strange and annoying thing. Anyone else out there have taste bud issues when they were prego? Apparently I don't get sick when I am with child. I just can't taste things.

I think I am going to buy another package of those coconut M&M's and keep eating them until I can taste the darn coconut. Maybe eat them with real coconut to help me remember what it's supposed to taste like.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dog Prep

We have a new do here... my blog page that is. I normally only like simple, clean blog templates... we will see how long this new one lasts.

I can not wait to get past this awkward phase of pregnancy. It's like I am going through middle school again. I can't decide whether to push my stomach out to look more prego, or to suck it in. My friend Chelsey has similar woes. Our due dates are a week apart.

I was reading the other day on how to prepare your pet for the baby. It pretty much just said poke the animal in odd places every 5 or so minutes. (haha) Tito should be able to adjust well. He has been around all of our nieces and nephews quite a bit without any incidents. Other than wanting to run off with my poor nephews comfort item (a dog stuffed animal named Dog), stealing food from hands at the height of his mouth, and licking ears, we should do okay. He will, however, miss all the attention he is currently getting. He runs our house.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's a .....

Just FYI the milk tactic before bed works. I can't decide if my midnight hunger pains are a thing of the past or if the milk prevents it. I'm probably going to keep doing it until the baby is here. I think it's funny, bedtime milk... ha. Does any one else think it's funny a grown woman drinks it before bed? And, no I don't warm it up.

Speaking of the baby, we just went to the Dr. today and got another ultrasound (this place is great, we get an ultrasound every time we go). The doctor is pretty positive it's a girl :)

I am only 14 weeks tomorrow but I thought it was a girl from the get go. And since the Dr. said he was pretty positive, I'm gonna just plan on it ... let's hope we are right! If we buy anything we are for sure going to save the receipt though! When we go back 4 weeks from now, it will only be reassurance. It is pretty neat to see the baby has arms and legs that are kicking; you could even count the fingers on the ultrasound! I can't feel it yet, but she looks pretty active. Hopefully I will find more to talk about than this, but it is just too exciting.

Oh, and one more thing - I also found out today that June is National Candy Month :) lets all celebrate! Candy/chocolate party anyone? We could watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Chocolate, and eat lots of goodies.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So first time moms don't normally show until 5-6 ish months. I am a couple days away from starting my 4th month and I am feeling.... well, f-a-t. I'm not talking baby in the tummy fat.

I'm not too worried about it b/c I'm sure it will even out sometime, but what do I do when I wake up TWICE in the middle of the night b/c I am absolutely starving?! It is such a strange feeling b/c there is no way you can go back to sleep (I have tried). Although, I think I may have solved the problem. Last night I drank some milk right before I went to bed in preparation for the hunger pains and guess what? I didn't wake up even once. I'm going to try it again tonight - I'll let you know how it goes, I am very optimistic.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bob Law's Law Blog

The title has nothing to do with this post, I just thought of Arrested Development and the Bob Law's Law Blog thing. If that's not right I hope someone can correct me. =)

Not sure what is with me lately.


My life feels a little bit messy. Hopefully it will get organized soon, and it will. Unless Vanessa sparks my thoughts again.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good Job Jaime Oliver, but...

My friends I graduated with have gone on to pursue their dreams of becoming Registered Dietitians through extensive hours of internship. Jill found an article that hit the spot on how I was feeling about this "Revolution" Jaime Oliver has started. It is great what he is doing but there are many aspects I think he doesn't take into consideration. Not all schools have crappy lunches, and they are regulated. Changes have started a long time ago, but, change takes time.

We have talked about school lunches many times in class and it is such a touchy subject. Here is a big issue (among many others):
Parents come in and complain that the kids don't have any nutritious foods to choose from. But, if you follow the kids home, they are served the same if not worse than what the school is serving. The change needs to start at home, first. Otherwise, kids end up not eating and throwing the healthy foods that they get from school out. Wow, did that make sense? I'm not saying schools can't change first, just don't complain that your kid isn't getting proper nutrition because of the school lunch program-- look at what you give them at home, then you can raise your standards for school lunch. Hopefully school lunches have improved by the time you fix your own problems.
Sorry, long rant. Feel free to read this article.

IFIC Nutrition Blog | Food Blog, Nutrition Advice, Food Facts - PSST ... Mr. Oliver ... We Started the School Nutrition Revolution Before You Got Here

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Voting in April

We are having a hard time deciding what to do in our future. Our lease is up in September, and time is a ticking. The polls are now open.

1. Find a job, move to Tucson, AZ and get a great deal on a large house with no grass.
2. Find a job, move to Boise, ID and get an amazing deal on a new house with grass.
3. Try out travel nursing for a while and see where it takes us.
4. Start a business and be my own boss.
5. Freaking find a job already and just accept you aren't going to find your dream job just yet.
6. Hopefully hear back from the Ultrasonography program soon ... get in ... and do it.
7. Just give in already, stay in Clearfield, UT where Johnny has a job, and have 15 babies.

Please circle the best answer(s).

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4, 7
E. 5, 7
F. 6, 7

Believe it or not, there are more choices than this.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not a Surprise, Just Secret

Here are some pics of my birthday weekend than Johnny planned for me. Isn't he great? We spent a night at a beautiful condo in Midway. We got a kick out of the Swedish paintings on the outside of the buildings up there.

There was ice art nearby that was lit up at night. We stopped by the next day to check it out.

It was really bright, despite it being cloudy.

If you can click on this one and enlarge it, I love Johnny's face. He is such a kid.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Song Tribute
In the words of The Format (RIP), I love, love. I do. This is my dedication to Valentine's Day; a day that Johnny thinks is lame. Good thing my birthday is numerically close to that dreaded day so the weekend can be celebrated for a real reason!

I would recommend listening to the song I posted. We love these guys in our household, they are a little different. I think their new name fits their music better. The "death" of The Format brought rise to fun., who we got to see in concert last weekend. Many thanks to some close friends who decided they did not want to drive 100 miles to see them and forfeited their tickets to us. Fun was lined up with Vedera, and Jack's Mannequin. We loved the whole show really, but was mostly there for fun., literally. :)

I love, Love. I love being in love. Happy V-day!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What's the point in making the bed?

Almost every night of my life I get tired so I get ready for bed. The only problem is, getting ready for bed involves brushing my teeth. The minty flavor of toothpaste, the clean feeling, and cold water wakes me up! So, by the time I actually lay down to go to sleep it takes me a good 10, 15, sometimes 30 minutes to fall asleep. Ever had this problem, or is it only me?

There is no need in our home to make the bed. I wake up about the same time Johnny gets home to go to bed. Sometimes I try to sleep in so I can catch some z's with my husband, but lately he has been getting home too late for me to even enjoy sleeping in. He wakes up, we have dinner, possibly enjoy a movie or a whatever then he is off to work and I'm off to bed. Our schedules used to be off by about 1 hour; I would go to work right before he got home. So we wouldn't see each other until about 5, Just in time for my dinner and his breakfast. Now that I have quit my job, I have a little alone time while Johnny gets the necessary sleep he needs to function. Most my time seems to be spent doing repetitive cleaning. blah. Oh, yeah and taking Tito out every 5 minutes to let him pee. Why on earth did we get a dog with the smallest bladder?

Anyway, this post is becoming pretty random. I am enjoying the time to myself and am reconsidering what I want to do with my life. I am now thinking, what the heck, I might just become a spin instructor. I have hated every job I have ever had. Each for different reasons. Johnny thinks I just don't like to work, and that may be true. I would rather believe I haven't found my niche yet. I hate doing something all day thinking, I don't like this. I am grateful for a husband who will work, and who got a degree in something that actually provides a career path (unlike mine haha). I am grateful that he is willing to take advantage of the education he has paid for (and earned) to work in that area of practice. Although, he may not enjoy it or want to do it for the rest of his life. I am just happy he can be the sole bread winner, buying me time to figure out what I want to do.

I am partly making a post just because I haven't done anything on this blog since I think October. My food blog has also been lacking. I have a love hate relationship with blogger. I think my friend Vanessa can relate. :) Speaking of Vanessa, she posted a note about 2009 and it made me think about all the events that happened to us last year. Wow, what a year. I can hardly remember what even happened - it went by so fast!

My toothpaste high is now gone, good night! And good morning Johnny :)

P.S. sorry no pics, my computer crashed and I now have none.

Baby Boy

Baby Boy