Tuesday, February 3, 2009


My mom recently called me.  "Is there something you're not telling me?"  she asked.  
Apparently she just received a magazine in my name about parenting, prenatals, and nutrition.  I can hear Clayton, my brother, in the background saying "Out with it Maren! Everyone is going to find out eventually!"
Oh dear.  Well, let me let everyone know I am not prego in the eggo, just in case you see my mom you can re-assure her.  This is definitely not the first time this has happened.  
A few months back, before Johnny and I were married my mother called me and said the exact same thing.  In the mail that day she got a sonogram that was post marked from Vegas with only a smiley face on it.  She claimed to have asked everyone else in the family if it was theirs but everyone denied it.  I knew right away it was my brother Mason and his wife Kim announcing another child on the way, but my mom could not believe it- just because they said no.  They do have a history of announcing in elaborate ways that they are with child.  
Apparently my mom really wants her only daughter to have a baby... she may die from anxiety from the wait if Johnny and I don't act soon! ;)  I can see her in my mind asking "Now?  Oh, ok.  Now?  No, now?...NOW?!"


Phil G. said...

Once you finally tell your family you are pregnant they are not going to be very excited.

vanessa said...

I almost crapped my pants when I saw the title. But congratulations on not being pregnant. Lol. But when you are, I'll be super excited! :)

vanessa said...

the Weepies are probably my favorite cd to listen to on repeat. I am the same way when I listen to them---their voices go so perfectly together. I think they have a baby together even. their latest album with the whale on it is great, but they're both lovable.

The Camps said...

well it looks like signs are telling you to jump on the band wagon! Don't ever title a post pregnant again! I thought you really were for like ten whole seconds!

Heather S. said...

I was like "wow--that was fast!" Not that there is anything wrong with that for those that do choose to multiply and replenish in a speedy fashion, I was just a little surprised is all. Apparently I was surprised about nothing for the time being. Let me know when I should be surprised for reals.

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Baby Boy