Monday, September 14, 2009


It has been a while... and I am also having a hard time posting on my food blog. I guess I just don't really have much to say lately. We are both currently looking for jobs (pretty much since the beginning of summer but luck has not gone our way) and getting pretty good at entering all of our work history into the online applications. yuck. If you hear of anything let us know!

I think I just get sick of looking at the computer screen looking for jobs that the thought of looking at the computer any longer would possibly kill me.

We are trying to bike a little more and have talked about doing LOTOJA next summer so stay tuned. I really should get some rides in that are longer than the few miles I am currently doing but, You need to start somewhere right? Here are a few explanations of LOTOJA

I am getting excited now that I think about it!

Random thought... I have always thought that Kanye West was a pompos (sp) idiot but after last night I think he is a complete arrogant nusance to the music world... not really sure what I mean by that-- I guess there is no chance for me to ever really like him anymore.

That's pretty much all I've got (Kanye, JOBS, and biking) Maybe Johnny should do a post or two??? I think YES.


Dasha said...

Holy crap that is a LONG race! Good luck with that.

Oh, and Kanye West is a douchebag.

The Camps said...

Good luck in that race girl! I'll cheer you on...holy crap! Anyhoo, I want to see you when I come up north in a couple weeks, so pencil me in!

Mollie Elise said...

That is awesome guys! we should ride our bikes together sometime. I'm doin a triathlon on halloween so we will see how that goes!
So where do you live now?? I'm confused. haha

Mollie Elise said...

So no more Cali?? Ya I'm in Phoenix now. I just started a Master's degree at ASU. Who knows why?! haha. but i like it a lot so far.

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