Tuesday, October 27, 2009

John and Maren... I mean...


JON and KATE ... plus 8

And no, this is not an announcement that we are pregnant- especially not with 8.
We had a fabulous time at Halloween party with my old high school friends. I am not on my computer so I just stole one of Chelsey's pictures. I may post the ones I took later but Chelsey captured our faces at just right the moment I think. haha!


Dasha said...

Oh Maren this picture cracks me up. Your facial expression is perfect.

By the way, were you the one that brought those pumpkin bars to the party? They were delicious. I might have eaten two.

Dan n' Josie said...

Ha ha you crack me up, you two look just like them, oh man..!!

The Camps said...

Oh my goodness you are too flippin funny! I had so much fun seeing you guys at the party! however I think I may have learned a little too much from Johnny regarding some extra body parts!! TMI!

Baby Boy

Baby Boy