Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Song Tribute
In the words of The Format (RIP), I love, love. I do. This is my dedication to Valentine's Day; a day that Johnny thinks is lame. Good thing my birthday is numerically close to that dreaded day so the weekend can be celebrated for a real reason!

I would recommend listening to the song I posted. We love these guys in our household, they are a little different. I think their new name fits their music better. The "death" of The Format brought rise to fun., who we got to see in concert last weekend. Many thanks to some close friends who decided they did not want to drive 100 miles to see them and forfeited their tickets to us. Fun was lined up with Vedera, and Jack's Mannequin. We loved the whole show really, but was mostly there for fun., literally. :)

I love, Love. I love being in love. Happy V-day!

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