Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bob Law's Law Blog

The title has nothing to do with this post, I just thought of Arrested Development and the Bob Law's Law Blog thing. If that's not right I hope someone can correct me. =)

Not sure what is with me lately.


My life feels a little bit messy. Hopefully it will get organized soon, and it will. Unless Vanessa sparks my thoughts again.


vanessa said...

I love your rambles. I hate when I'm the only one who types a bunch of nonsense. It's therapeutic and people do appreciate reading other people's thoughts. Or at least I do. :)

Don't worry about the job thing. Did u read my comment on your jamie oliver post??!! I think you guys are doing the right thing, especially considering the circumstances of location/etc. So happy for you!

btw you may or may not have sparked something for me as well. you know what I'm talking about!!! :)

vanessa said...

whoops I mean Voting in April, not Jaime oliver.

Hey good idea, let's go to Lake Tahoe this summer.

Dasha said...

Love the post title. Arrested Development is my favorite.

I feel you on the job stuff. Try being an English major and see how many laughs you get when you tell people that. Don't be phased by the 3-5 years experience thing on job descriptions- that is just a description of an ideal candidate and is usually negotiable. Plus I think there's a definite learning curve with pretty much any job these days.

I think growing up in our generation, there's this really idealized notion of finding your "dream job" and "calling in life" or something like that. There's definitely some validity in that thought, but I think sometimes it puts a lot of pressure on people and makes us forget that work is a virtue in itself. My job is by no means my dream job and a far cry from what I thought I would be doing with my life. I had a bad attitude about it for a while (and still do some days) but then I read this quote by F. Enzio Busche:

"Be not so much concerned about what you do, but do what you do with all your heart, might, and strength. In thoroughness is satisfaction."

It totally changed my perspective on the situation. Even though I'm not doing what I thought I'd be, I still work for a great company that I respect, and through this job I have the opportunity to help support my family, learn new things that I otherwise wouldn't, and simply have the experience of working. If I put in 100%, I can be satisfied with my job instead of constantly finding fault with it.

Man, this is really turning into a novel, huh? Sorry about that. I hope you don't think that I'm telling you to go out and find just any job, or a job at all for that matter. I guess I'm just relating my own experience if it can be of any help. Ultimately each of us has their own plan and you are taking on the greatest job of all by becoming a mom. That is so awesome. Everything else is trivial in comparison and will work itself out eventually. Good luck!

Johnny and Maren said...

I actually was going to delete this the next day (just felt good to write it) but Vanessa commented on it before I got to it haha. Don't be surprised if it does disappear.
Oh and Vanessa, Lake Tahoe would be so fun! And your comment on one of my posts back makes sense :) and I'm glad I sparked a little something for you! It's gotta happen!
Dasha, I love that quote and I think I've been stuck on the "dream job" idea; you are right on. I love your insight.

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