Saturday, September 11, 2010

Running Around

So, while running some errands today I got kinda tired. While filling up Johnny's car I actually put my debit card in where the receipt comes out. Twice. I wondered if the lady sitting in the car at the pump behind me noticed.

Johnny's been running around a lot lately too- literally. He ran the Top of Utah half marathon up in Logan. And if that wasn't enough he decided to run the Pocatello Marathon (Running the Gap) the next weekend - I think it was the next weekend. I forget. He is crazy, along with his friend Shantai, who ran the half up in Logan, and then did the half in Pocatello the next weekend too! Anyway, he had a lot of fun and I couldn't be more happy for him. He was pretty nervous and couldn't sleep at all the night before. I'm sure there are many more marathons in his future. I just hope I can get that fit to do it with him a year from now.

This is all I got of him running the half, some people were practically on the course so I barely saw him go by!

The road goes between those two hills back there
(aka the Portneuf Gap). Hence the name Running the Gap.

This is about mile 22 and he's smiling, guess he was feeling good.

His friend Trent ran the full also, he's the one that talked Johnny into doing it!


Hunter Clan said...

All I have to stay is good times the past few weekends!! And next WE will all have to do it again. You'll probably kick all of our trash!! Good luck with everything & we can't wait to meet your little guy :)

Dasha said...

Way to go Johnny! I think I would die if I ran a full marathon.

Lacy said...

Tell Johnny great job for us! That marathon killed us when we ran it in '09; glad he had enough energy to smile at the end ;)

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