Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Be-lated Thankful Post

So, as of 4:38 this morning, I have been a part of the mom club for exactly 3 weeks. I feel so old. I also feel like there is no such thing as a mid life crisis. Well, there is one but I think there's actually a few that you go through before you hit the real deal. Maybe the one you hit midway through your life is just the most severe. I think a few little ones all lead up to the big one where you finally settle with where you are in life (after the denial stage of course). I think the sleep deprivation is my first crisis; realizing my life is shifting into a different gear. Mixed emotions, but most of all thankful... for SO many things.

I'm gaining much more respect for all the parents out there. What I love so far about being a parent is seeing how much Johnny loves it. And, the actual birth was pretty neat, not the labor but the birth. ;) Oh, and his smiles (I know, they're just reflexes right now but I still like to think it means he's happy) I am so excited to get to know him as he grows, crazy how he looks different everyday. World, meet Harper.


The Camps said...

oh he is so adorabe!!! I can't wait to see him again. You sound like a happy mom! This is such a special time for you guys and I am so happy for you! post more pics so I can see more of him!!!

Lacy said...

He is adorable! Congratulations!
Jer and Lacy

Baby Boy

Baby Boy