Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Sorry, I have become the typical Mom Blogger.... all I do is talk about my kid.  But, with a face like this, how could I not?  He's 6 months now, yes, half of a year has gone by.  Wow.  I need to baby proof our house pretty soon, he's almost to the crawling stage.  I love being a Mom.  Here are a few things we've done lately.  

Played with Dad.

Practiced sitting by ourselves.

Looked for Dad after his run at the Ogden Half Marathon.

Got a new play center that sometimes wears us out.

Tried some new real food.  I think this time was carrots.

Fed some ducks and hung out with our friend, Olivia, at the park.

Learned to swing!

And found out that we LOVE it!

OH AND Harper's first tooth decided to pop up a few days ago so he is a new member of the teeth club.    :)  He would love to gnaw on your knuckle for you.  

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Baby Boy

Baby Boy