Friday, March 2, 2012

Sure You Can Hold Him, But I Will Sweat

I've been randomly thinking about what type of parent I've been for Harper up until now.  One thing that's stuck out in my mind is when people would hold him.  I would sweat over the amount of time that had past since they picked him up.  I wanted them to hold, love and kiss him as much as they wanted but I didn't want them to feel like they were stuck with him.  Looking back I think I probably was way too worried about that.  They could put him down or give him back as soon as they wanted but I would feel so uncomfortable only because when I had held someone else's baby I was to shy to hand them back over.  Well, I don't think shy is the right word for it but you get the idea.  To be honest I never have had the "oh it's a little baby, I must hold that baby, that precious little baby" feeling.  I may not be as motherly or womanly as you but I feel like I need to put it out there.  I've never had an urge to hold a baby.  Other than my own that is.  I'm happy to hold my own offspring and it makes me happy.  Just know that if you are holding a child of mine, I will be slightly worried you are sick of him/her and want to move on with you day.  So if I hoover over you it's only to be there as soon as you are feeling done, not b/c I think you are going to drop him/her.

Speaking of holding a baby, Harper doesn't want to be held much anymore.  He would rather walk and walk and walk around in circles.  Isn't there a song out there about walking in circles?  Seriously though, he sometimes dances (walks in a circle) or just walks in a circle.  I think he likes that he can turn on a dime.  :)


vanessa said...

Everytime I held Harper (thank you, btw, for letting me kiss his cheekies) I could hold him forever.

Liz said...

I was never interested in babies until I had my own. Scratch that -- I always loved my own babies, but I never cared for other people's children until after I became a more "seasoned" mother (meaning, a good 5 years into it). In fact, I STILL don't care much for other people's children, (I'm a rather intolerant person...shocking, I know) but when it comes to my nieces and nephews, I honestly do feel like in some tiny, minute way, they are partly mine. That familial bond runs strong in my veins, and I love those little ones fiercely. I love them, I think about them, I worry about them, and I pray for them. Which is why I'm such a family-baby-hog. Because I know this is the only time in their lives they will LET me smother them. And for that, I make no apologies. ;)

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Baby Boy