Thursday, January 24, 2013

Drum roll please...

Here it goes. We are so excited, come Aug. 2nd, Harper will have a sibling! I can not tell you how much this boy just needs a buddy.  His mom is a little bit of a recluse and mostly quiet in large crowds, and don't get me wrong, he can do his own thing, but I think he takes a little more after his Dad in this area. He loves being with people.

I've been feeling bad for my family. I haven't cooked much these past 3 months. My stomach turns when I think about food. Can't even open the fridge with out feeling it. Haven't puked thank goodness.  Oh, and ps you know you're pregnant when you cry watching Shark Tank because a stay at home mom scored a deal with a shark for her dipped pretzel business. :/

I do feel I may disappear from the planet after the second comes. I know I'm exaggerating but thats how I feel. Like I said, here it goes.

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Dan n' Josie said...

Congratulations!!!! It is so awesome having 2!!! The best thing ever, and they will be the best of friends!

Baby Boy

Baby Boy