Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Quick Update About Nothing Really

Hello, it has been a while... and I'm not sure that much has happened.  Hmm well we have been starting to enjoy spending more time together now that soccer is ending... and he has been home from fires for quite a long time now :)  We did get a new couch that looks so good (thanks to Mom and Dad). 
What else should I say?  Well, as for me I am really just trying to push through this last year of school so we can move on with our lives.  I can not wait to move and see some new scenery.  
Johnny is loving this semester so far because it is not as ridiculously hard as last year (always a plus).  hmmm...
I think I might just try to post some pics because I am really not coming up with much to talk about.  I'll try and get Johnny to get on here and write some very interesting and mind boggling  things for you all.
These Pics are from a bike trip in Sun Valley and we stopped at Shoshone Falls on the way, I think that's its name.  Idaho does have some pretty beautiful places.

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Mike and Chelsey said...

Finally! I thought you forgot you had a blog.
Keep updating it with pics. I never get to see you.
Also are you going to organize things, so we can all see eachother this Thanksgiving Break?

Baby Boy

Baby Boy