Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Babies and Halloween

Hi all! I am so proud of myself for putting another post up here the day after I did one.  I was just thinking that holy cow, could anyone else be having a baby right now?  If you think that I am crazy let me make you a list of everyone I know that is having or has had a child in the past few months, weeks, even days.  

Ana has a new little boy
Corbin just had a little girl
Kim just had her third and it's a darn cute baby girl
Chelsey is going to have a boy... in like 5 days
Josie just found out she is prego
Teri is gonna have a kiddlet here in a bit

Did I miss anyone?  You let me know.  I think it is quite funny and I like that my friends and family are all planning this together haha. I am so excited for them and truly wish them the best!  

Also, I love to see little kids and babies all dressed up in their Halloween costumes.  I think its hilarious.  I just got back from an ISU student athlete trunk or treat and I think I laughed at the kids the whole time.  Poor things, they might get the wrong idea because we couldn't help but point while we laughed....I am not laughing at them I am laughing with them; they have to know they are weird looking right?  
I think I love fall more and more each year.  It gets me excited for the Holiday season, especially because we get a week off school for Thanksgiving and practically a month off for Christmas, woohoo! 

Oh I guess I should explain the odd picture above.  It just reminded me of how much fun it is to dress up for Halloween- only, this was not even close to Halloween.  Johnny and his friends were making an e-vite to a Richard Simons (does that have one or 2 "m's"?) 80's dance party and I thought I would through it up here for Halloween.  And to see if he ever looks at this and if he will ever say anything... hehe!  Guess we'll find out.  He is the one proudly sporting the mullet and sweet blue cut-off sweat shirt :)

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Lacy said...

Nice blog! We are excited to keep tabs on what you two are up to. I think Lacy can identify with you Maren I left for Iraq soon after we got married.
The Johnsons

Baby Boy

Baby Boy