Tuesday, March 24, 2009


In the process of trying to be creative I lost all of our friends and links... thanks for visiting and could you be so kind as to post your address below.  As you can see our current template is looking sad.  I'll have to work on that when I am not so T.I..R...E....D.  thank you


vanessa said...


taylor and vanessa
have lots of fun in VEGAS. :)

The Kittermans said...

Ours is mckitterman.blogspot.com
See ya tonight hopefully!

Dasha said...

Sorry all your links got deleted but I love the slide of your wedding photos- oh so very pretty.

Lacy and Jeremy said...

Johnny and Jeremy are student nurse buddies so if you guys would like to keep up with us: lacysfamilyjournal.blogspot.com

And you made some delicious cinnamon rolls (back when we had our last baby) thanks again!

Hunter Clan said...


The Camps said...

You big dorks! reganandtericamp.blogspot.com. We had a blast seeing ya in vegas!

Baby Boy

Baby Boy