Thursday, March 5, 2009

We Cried

...because we were laughing so hard this morning. Dreams can be funny things but even better when you are physically moving or doing something while you are sleeping.  I have weird dreams, most know this, but I rarely go into motion while I sleep.  I once was caught, while sleeping over at my cousins, actually swimming in my sleep.  Naturally I was warming up for the time we were going to spend at the pool the next day- wouldn't want to pull a muscle.  Anyway, today we woke up and I started to tell John about the weird dream I had.  He then explained to me he thought of a great name while he was sleeping and he dreamt he wrote it down on a pack of gum on the night stand.  He thought it was the most amazing name but couldn't remember what for.  While in the process of writing on the pack of gum, in his dream, he was pleased and, I guess, pleasantly surprised that he had gum he could chew later (just something he could keep in mind later when he felt is breath needed a boost).  Weird. Well, the dream exchange we had was forgotten for a while and we went on doing other things (watching Live with Regis and Kelly ... we are waiting for a phone call from them to tell us its our chance to win and go on vacation).  Johnny leaves the room and all I hear from somewhere back in the house is uncontrollable laughter, I mean, pee your pants you are laughing so hard, laughter.  He then walks in the room (still laughing so hard he is bent half way over) and gives me a pack of gum he got from our night stand.  I will tell you what was written on that pack of gum.  The most amazing name you have ever heard of... (but we still don't know what for)..... Taragil or Taragul or maybe even Taragut.  It is kind of hard to see what the last 2 letters are because he wrote them while he was sleeping.  Oh, yeah, and he said he now remembers there was a last name too but he was too tired to write that down. People, this could be our first child's name.  Needless to say we googled it and there wasn't much out there. 


Mollie Elise said...

I was reading this while I was brushing my teeth and i spit toothpaste all over my desk because I just burst out laughing. HAHAHA oh man.

vanessa said...

lol. that made me cry a little! johnny is so funny- even in his sleep. I say you definitely name your first child Taragil. it's beautiful. and original.

The Kittermans said...

Johnny is such a funny man! please don't name your first child sounds like a name out of lord of the rings

Baby Boy

Baby Boy