Monday, April 13, 2009

Close Encounter

Once upon a time there was this boy who worked for the Forest Service.  With this job includes morning workouts and one day they went on a run.  Well, this run was hard and the weather was hot and the boy got sweaty so he decided to ditch his hat.  He returned feeling rejuvenated, and he stuck his hat back on and got to work with his crew members. 
The hours passed and this boy kept feeling someone tap on his head but every time he would turn to see who it was, there wasn't anyone there.  He thought one of his  friends was playing a trick on him and he was starting to get annoyed.  His head got itchy from the tapping and so he took his hat off to scratch it.  That was when he discovered who was irritating his head; in his hat was a lizard that had been tucked up close to his head for the past 3 hours.  While he was on his run the green little lizard hopped on into his hat and went for a ride that it clearly did not expect.  The reptile, while stored for 3 hours, either ran out of air or it got sick of being squished in hair; it's hard to say why he was tapping on the boys head, possibly the little thing thought the boy was working hard and felt a head massage would do him good.
  In the end the boy was not harmed and apologized to his friends for accusing them of tapping on his head.  
The End.


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vanessa said...

it's funny because it would only happen to johnny. ha ha. :)

Hunter Clan said...

too funny!!

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