Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

We will be saying goodbye to Pocatello in a few weeks. John's hometown I am sure will miss him, I would not be surprised if the name Johnny Williams is household name here... everywhere I go someone has some crazy story with him from when they were younger.
As for me, I doubt the state will notice I was even here. Ever since I have moved here I couldn't wait to get out, although I did have some pretty fun times and loved most everyone I met. Five years of school-- HOLY CRAP I am so glad to be done! And so happy John is done at the same time! I get a strange feeling that I may end up missing this place, when I have been fighting for so long to get out! Good thing I stayed though, it took me a full 4 years to find my husband. We are excited, anxious and nervous to move on to the next chapter of our lives. Goodbye Pocatello, hello Sacramento.


The Kittermans said...

Oh maren, Have fun i will miss you even though i probably won't even know that your are futher away. How long are you going to be in sacamento?

Tyler said...

We're excited for you guys!! I think you may find yourself missing Pocatello! Hill and I have found ourselves missing it a little...mainly the people we've left behind though not necessarily the town itself!

Good Luck in Sacramento!

Mollie Elise said...

sacramento eh???
you guys will have so much fun. i'm jealous. i will come visit you and stuff. i'm inviting myself.

and i totally know how you feel about thinking you might miss poky. i wanted to get out when i was there, and now i look back and realize i met some of the coolest people there.. EVER. i miss it.. (in a way). but it sure is good to MOVE ON!
Good luck you little stinkers!!!!!!

emilyf said...

that picture is hot:) man we are good looking women! haha i am excited for you guys- that california sun is calling your name!
as far as missing the actual city of pocatello- doubt it. you will however probably miss the people and the good memories. I know I do:)
Maybe I will invite myself and come with mollie to hangout with you guys!
love you both! good luck!

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