Monday, August 24, 2009

Quickly Updated

Here are some updates for you all... I know you've been dying to hear from us.

Santa Cruz and San Jose were both fun this weekend!
The river was relaxing last weekend.
I can't wait to be done with my job this week!
We still hate job hunting but are both still doing it.
We plan on getting some biking in before we leave this city...
As of right now, Utah here we come.
Tito misses his friend Jonas.
We are pregnant... just kidding. haha.
Lake Tahoe was fun a few weekends ago!
The world is our oyster!
Here are a few pictures of our fun in California.

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Kittermans said...

Maren, i need more details! when are you coming back and for how long! I can't wait.... My phone is temp. broken so i can't call you. I want you to call me at my home # 801-878-7985 tonight

Baby Boy

Baby Boy