Thursday, July 16, 2009

Love Your Leftovers

I have started a new blog that was inspired by my friends and Johnny. Hopefully it's helpful to some and I think it will be kind of fun for me. I basically will post a couple recipes a week and hopefully people will post comments and suggestions so it is a win win blog. If you like it you can follow me or post the address somewhere on your blog to spread the word (the more the merrier). Thanks, and enjoy!


Dasha said...

Maren- I love it! I've always wanted to create a blog like this but never actually sat down and done it. I'm excited to try some of your recipes.

Kittermans said...

OHHHHHHH baby, i cannot wait. To have some of Maren's cooking in my own house... Mike is going to Die trying these.THANK YOU FOR SAVING ME

The Camps said...

mmmmmmm! make sure you put your biscotti on there!! that is a good idea! thanks for making my life easier, and yummier!

Baby Boy

Baby Boy