Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dog Prep

We have a new do here... my blog page that is. I normally only like simple, clean blog templates... we will see how long this new one lasts.

I can not wait to get past this awkward phase of pregnancy. It's like I am going through middle school again. I can't decide whether to push my stomach out to look more prego, or to suck it in. My friend Chelsey has similar woes. Our due dates are a week apart.

I was reading the other day on how to prepare your pet for the baby. It pretty much just said poke the animal in odd places every 5 or so minutes. (haha) Tito should be able to adjust well. He has been around all of our nieces and nephews quite a bit without any incidents. Other than wanting to run off with my poor nephews comfort item (a dog stuffed animal named Dog), stealing food from hands at the height of his mouth, and licking ears, we should do okay. He will, however, miss all the attention he is currently getting. He runs our house.


Dasha said...

You're lucky that your dog is good with kids. Every time my nephew comes over Lola pummels him into the ground. She is such a spaz.

That's awesome that you and Chelsey are having babies a week apart! How fun.

Lacy said...

Ha ha, just poke out your belly; you have the rest of your life to suck it in!! Congrats on the baby girl!

Baby Boy

Baby Boy