Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What Coconut?

I recently have discovered my taste buds have gone awry. There is a new coconut flavor of M&M's and they seriously taste like plain old chocolate to me. I, without a doubt, thought they made a packaging mistake. Until Johnny ate some. He insists they taste like coconut. Hmmm

Last night I made a salad that I love. It has cottage cheese and a little balsamic dressing... yum. BUT did I like it last night? Not so much. I could hardly taste it. I wonder what else I have been missing (but just haven't noticed). What a strange and annoying thing. Anyone else out there have taste bud issues when they were prego? Apparently I don't get sick when I am with child. I just can't taste things.

I think I am going to buy another package of those coconut M&M's and keep eating them until I can taste the darn coconut. Maybe eat them with real coconut to help me remember what it's supposed to taste like.


allirasmussen@gmail.com said...

they barely taste like coconut to me...more of an aftertaste maybe? ;) i could taste everything more...which i think is a bad thing cause everything just tasted sick. count your blessings ha ha ha

The Camps said...

oh you are missing out! those m&m's are so dang good! Sorry you can't taste them, Pregnancy does CRAZY things to ya. By the way, don't ever say "I'm with child" again unless you want to blast to the past 500 years! just kiddn!

Maren Williams said...

Teri hahahaa you are too funny, I know it's an old saying... that's why i said it! Apparently I thought, at the time, that it doesn't get used enough now-a-days :D

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