Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I have no idea where we have been all these months. I think I haven't posted in forever b/c our computer is full and I haven't been able to upload any new pictures. Pictures usually lead to a post.  All I can say is that summer was fun, fall was fantastic, and here comes winter! It's been fun watching Harper learn and grow.


Can you believe it?! HE'S ONE!!!! We had a fun 'Stache Bash with our families for his first birthday.  I'll have to post pictures sometime when I can actually load them. We had mustache cake, mustache cookies, pin the mustache on Harper, as well as fake mustaches to wear.

  He is on the verge of walking and talking.  Seriously, you can see he really just wants to take off and especially when there are other kids around.  He wants to play with them so badly!  I am mostly writing all this for myself to remember what milestones he hit at one so skip ahead if you'd like.  :)  He currently can say Mom, Mum (mostly), or Mumum, Dad, or Dada or Dadad, Tito, or more like Dida, Dah (dog) Bah (ball), and make car engine sounds when he plays with his cars. Oh yeah and he mimics the sounds of peek-a-boo with a high pitched squeak then a sound that is similar to boo. Sounds something like "ah ooo".
He can point to Mom's eyes and as of this morning Mom's nose. He loves to take his fingers to your lips (sometimes his own lips) and strum them while you hum to make some awesome noises.  He can clap, play So Big, and patty cake. He loves music and has discovered jumping, thanks to Taylor and Vanessa's Jumping Johnny.  He had to try it out after he saw Sawyer jumping like crazy in it.  He loves pretty much all food, not too picky. He loves to be included, if you are walking somewhere and say "come on Harper" he crawls super fast to catch up. He can nod yes or no, most the time it flows with the conversation which is funny b/c we can't tell if he understands nodding completely.  But, he does it so often we kind of think he gets it, which makes me wonder... how much does he really understand? He is so funny and we love him!

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vanessa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARPER!!! Congrats on making it through the first 12 months flawlessly. You are a natural--born mother and Harper is the cutest 1 year old ever!!

Baby Boy

Baby Boy