Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just like Dad

Harper loves his Dad.  Sometimes, after Johnny gets home, when Harper is kind of in a whiney mood he'll follow Johnny with his eyes as he walks in and out of the kitchen as he's trying to get some dinner.  I'll be holding him while he's whining and watching Dad and you can tell by the look on his face he is thinking "Pick me up Dad! I've been stuck with Mom ALL day."  Too cute. 
Also, when Johnny has a day off and gets to sleep in a little bit, Harper can tell there is someone on the other side of the bed.  (Harper usually gets breakfast in bed, that lucky boy)  He just stares at the lump under the covers until Johnny rolls over to face him and our baby gets the biggest smile when he finally gets to see his Dad's face.   Happy Father's Day Johnny!  Here's to your days off! ;)

He is now 7 months and just getting over the chicken pox.  We have no idea where he got them but he took them on like a champ.  Only had one rough evening because I think they kept him from sleeping all day.  I guess we'll see if he still gets the vaccine in 5 more months.

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vanessa said...

awww...cute boy. We are going through teething on our end...I think. Not looking forward to chicken pox. At least it's done and over with for him. ;)

Baby Boy

Baby Boy